Burgess family histories and pictures

John Christian Burgess--William Burgess--Harrison Burgess--Abram Burgess--Milton Burgess--Dad--Me

Our Burgess family line descends from John Christian Burgess, a Hessian soldier who came to hessian wutgenau
            infantryfight against us in the Revolutionary War he was a private in the Landgraf regiment which was part of the Second Hessian Division under command of Lt. General von Knyphausen. Christian served with his regiment in New York and Rhode Island for two years before he deserted in 1778. Christian changed his name from Johann Christian Borges to the more English-sounding John Christian Burgess. It is suggested one reason was so he wasn't recaptured and tried as a deserter by the Hessian or English forces. He later joined the Rhode Island militia and fought with the Patriots. He married Hannah Newland from Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts. They settled in the Lake George area of upstate New York. Christian died about 1806 reportedly from a branch falling from a tree.
Christian's son William was born and raised in the Lake George NY area also. He married Violate Stockwell from Vermont. Her parents are Vilate Gale and Abraham Stockwell. She is a descendant of Rebecca Towne Nurse, who was accused of witchcraft and hanged in the Salem witch trials.
William anKirtland Templed Violate and children were living in Bolton Township, New York when they were baptized members of the LDS (Mormon) Church in 1832. Their son Harrison had earlier joined. The family moved to Kirtland, Ohio shortly after their baptism to join the main body of the Church at that time. William was one of those honored for his work on the Kirtland Temple. The Burgess family endured the many persecutions that the early members of the LDS Church had to suffer. They were forced from their homes in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. They were among the early pioneers to Utah, eventually helping to settle and establishing a saw mill in the small town of Pine Valley in Southern Utah.
William and Violate's son Harrison and most of their other children also stayed with with Church and suffered for their faith. Harrison was a member of Zion's Camp. He was a Seventy and served several missions. Harrison married Sophia Foster in Kirtland, Ohio. He later married Amanda Hammond in Nauvoo, Illinois. Like his father Harrison Burgess and his family settled in Pine Valley, Utah where Harrison, his brothers and father ran sawmills, raised crops and cattle and helped to pioneer the area.
Harrison and Amanda's son, Abram was born in Pine Valley, Utah. He married Sarah Jane Rogers, the daughter of David and Mary Ann Mayer Rogers. Abram and Sarah Jane started raising their family in Pine Valley but eventually settled in St. George, Utah where there were more educational opportunities for their children.
My grandfather, Milton Burgess was born in Pine Valley in 1887. His father had a ranch at Mountain Meadows where they stayed in the summer. Milton later worked there for his uncle after his father sold his interest. Milton graduated attended school in St. George, Utah where he met his wife, Clara Cannon. She is the daughter of David H. Cannon and Rhoda Knell. Milton served an LDS mission to south Georgia and Florida shortly after their marriage. When he returned home he and Clara made their home on 400 West Tabernacle across the street from his parents. They also began to homestead a place at Mountain Meadows near the ranch his father had owned. Milton and Clara spent every summer at the ranch, coming home for school each fall. My father still spends all of the warmer months at the ranch at the Meadows where my brother is now running the ranch. -CBA


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