The Burgess Book:

A Heritage

of Faith and Courage

William and Violate Burgess


Their Family

by Delbert E. and Barbara B. Roach

This fully-indexed 793 page book would be a wonderful addition for your library and your study of the William Burgess Sr. family.
This large book is well researched and is very professional and includes many personal and family histories and photographs.
The following is taken from the Introduction to the book:

    The Burgess Compilation is a  COLLECTION of stories, research data and pictures which began from the files of Delbet E. Roach. He was employed with The Genealogy Society (Family History Library) for more than 35 years, and did a great amount of research during his tenure there, and after his retirement. More recent research findings have been added to this collection. It has been felt that this information should be shared with family members and other relatives who may be interested in this extensive and valuable collection.

    Our story begins with William Burgess, Sr. and his wife Violate Stockwell Burgess. They were the eldest members of the family to join the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and participate in the events that occurred in early Church History. Pioneering. personal, family, or descendants' writings have been used whenever obtainable. One focus has been on their son Harrison, who wrote such a wonderful history of his experiences and because he is the oldest son of William, Sr. and Violet. Sketches or stories, data and other information, have been added about each of William and Violate's other sons and daughters their children and grandchildren. They are also important and of great interest to all the Burgess families.

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